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Pattern Finding

We often solve fun number pattern riddles on here. Let's see if we can write a program to solve basic ones. Today's problem is to create a program that determines if an array contains an arithmetic or geometric sequence (no sorting required). Arithmetic patterns always change by the same value 2,4,6. Geometric patterns always change by the same ratio 8,4,2. If the pattern doesn't match either algorithm then just return "no pattern".

For bonus points figure out if a sequence has a plus 1 increase pattern (2,4,7,11).



  • Driphter - 8¬†years, 11¬†months ago


    (defn neighbor-pairs
      (if (> 2 (count coll))
        (lazy-cat [[(first coll) (second coll)]]
                  (neighbor-pairs (next coll)))))
    (defn all-equal?
      (if (empty? coll)
        (let [x (first coll)]
          (every? #(= % x) coll))))
    (defn arithmetic-pattern?
      (all-equal? (map #(apply - %) (neighbor-pairs coll))))
    (defn geometric-pattern?
      (all-equal? (map #(apply / %) (neighbor-pairs coll))))
    (defn plus-one-increase
       (plus-one-increase n 1))
      ([n increment]
       (let [n (+ n increment)]
         (cons n (lazy-seq (plus-one-increase n (inc increment)))))))
    (defn plus-one-increase-pattern?
      (= coll (take (count coll) (plus-one-increase (dec (first coll))))))
    (defn find-pattern
        (all-equal? coll)                 :no-pattern
        (arithmetic-pattern? coll)        :arithmetic
        (geometric-pattern? coll)         :geometric
        (plus-one-increase-pattern? coll) :plus-one-increase
        :else                             :no-pattern))
    ; user=> (find-pattern [2 4 6])
    ; :arithmetic
    ; user=> (find-pattern [8 4 2])
    ; :geometric
    ; user=> (find-pattern [2 4 7 11])
    ; :plus-one-increase
    ; user=> (find-pattern [1 1 1])
    ; :no-pattern
    ; user=> (find-pattern [6 7 6 7])
    ; :no-pattern

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