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Bad Labels

This is actually problem #300 and also happens to be one of my favorites.

You're presented with three boxes. Box 1 is labeled "Apples". Box 2 is labeled "Oranges". Box 3 is labeled "Apples && Oranges". It is known that none of the labels are correct. How can you label the boxes correctly if you're only allowed to pull one piece of fruit from only one of the boxes?

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  • Anonymous - 9¬†years ago

    Pull one from Apples && Oranges (B3). Because it's not A&&O, the fruit you pulled is the label of that box (B3).

    If It (B3) is an apple, B1 is Oranges. Because B2 can't be Oranges -because label is not correct- and only 1 box left. B1 Oranges-B2 A&&O-B3 Apples

    If It's (B3) an orange. B1 A&&O-B2 Apples-B3 Oranges.

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